Day 100: Mentor principal comes to visit

Sometimes the world seems so small. Today I had a teacher (the really tall guy on the right) shadow me at the end of the day as part of his principalship program. Right before this was about to happen, I ran into Dr. Kernwein (tall guy on the left). He was my principal at Anderson HS when I was a student and he had hired me as a teacher there when I started my career in education! I asked him what he was doing on campus, and he said he was observing a teacher for his admin program.

So today I had my old high school principal observing a guy who was shadowing me. That just made my day.

And to top it all off, Dr. Kernwein is a former principal of Crockett HS. He said we used to have 3,500 students and 41 portables here on campus. On Fridays, a group of kids was allowed to ride their horses to school. He shared some great stories, and I got to learn a lot more about my campus from a true expert!