Day 106: Seniors give powerful advice

We had all the freshmen get together in the theater during advisory today for a 9th grade meeting. My counselor and I arranged for four current Crockett seniors to say a few words of advice for their younger classmates. These guys and girls absolutely rocked it! Amazing stories about how they used to not care about school and didn't do their work, but now are paying the price and having to work so hard just to get into any college or have any options. These 12th graders were brutally honest about their mistakes and failures and how it's affected their lives.

We finished about 10 minutes before the bell, which then gave time for our Rubik's cube masters to show off on stage. Ashton's been working on a new algorithm for solving the puzzles and has gone from 1:45 as his best time earlier in the fall semester to a mind blowing best of 32 seconds!