Day 172: Math intervention, Jo Boaler style

A few students needed to make up some seat time in order to get credit for a math class they had participated in after school for eight weeks, and I couldn't think of a better time to introduce them to Jo Boaler and some of her awesome math & mindset videos! After each of the short videos, we would have a brief discussion about anything they found interesting and we talked about their math experiences throughout their school career. We also discussed the difference between the fixed and growth mindset and found that we all have certain areas of (perceived) fixed ability while other areas we are definitely subscribers to the growth mindset.

I absolutely loved Jo Boaler's online class "How to Learn Math" and I can't wait to take her upcoming class "How to Learn Math - For Students" which opens June 17th. I encourage all parents, students, and teachers to go through her modules. I promise it'll change the way you think about learning math.