Day 84: Having fun with Chief of Staff

I had a little fun with Mr. Mel Waxler today. He's the AISD Chief of Staff and earlier this year, he came on campus to present me with 30 (not 50 like the article says) Google Nexus tablets for a grant I had won. So when I found out he was coming back on campus to work with our student leadership team, I thought I'd take him to a classroom where students were using the tablets as formative assessment tools.

Turns out they were using the tablets to estimate his age as part of our daily estimation which helps improve numerical fluency. He got a kick out of seeing their answers, and then made a connection to how he used input from community members on an environmental study in a previous job. It was great to see him interacting with the students and he took the age thing well, even when a few students guessed considerably over his true age!

Thanks Mr. Waxler for visiting and helping our leadership team advance their thinking!