Day 93: Educon!

No, this is not a picture from Austin during the Snowpocalypse, but seriously, what are the chances that school is closed in Austin for a snow day when I'm up in Philadelphia where the temperature is 7?! At least now I get to shamelessly share what I've been up to at Educon. This picture is the view from my hotel room.

I spent nearly all day at the Science Leadership Academy, the host school of Educon, and a school built on the five core values of inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation, and reflection, which are emphasized in all classes.

Students & teachers opened up their rooms for anyone wanting to see the SLA process in action. I received a fantastic tour of the school by two young men who chronicled their growth from freshmen to seniors, I met some girls doing Rubik's cubes during lunch break, and I sat in on a calculus class and watched students go through over an hour of productive struggle, never giving up on their design task.

Classes went on as normal, despite their being several hundred visitors throughout the day. The kids were all extremely polite and eager to share their project-based learning experiences with me whenever I asked.