Day 125: Help us find a bone marrow match!

This is not an easy post to write: One of our own faculty members, an awesome new math teacher, just had a new baby. Unfortunately, Sedrick was born without an immune system and needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. He's currently healthy and growing every day, but he needs this surgery soon.

I coordinated with Be the Match to set up a day for the faculty to be added to the donor registry, and today during all three lunches (6th grade lunch pictured), we had almost 20 faculty members swab their cheeks in hopes of being a match for little Sedrick (or anyone who needs it).

I'm hoping to raise $1000 to help Be the Match do what they do (it costs about $100 to add a person to the registry, and they also help patients with travel, transportation, and medical costs.

We're also going to be doing a community drive on Saturday, April 11th, where anyone can come to Murchison Middle School and get swabbed. Let's find a donor for Sedrick!

If you're interested in helping and/or learning more, please see