Day 4: Philosophical chairs

Wow. Absolutely amazing conversation, discussion, and debate today in science classes over the question "Do grades interfere with motivation and learning".

Students participated in a style of debate called "Philosophical Chairs", an AVID strategy for discussing an idea.

The kids in this picture are standing on the "I believe grades DO interfere" side, but I was told by several of them, that at one time, this side only had 3 students. Due to good arguments being made by the remaining team members, many kids switched sides to show that they had changed their minds.

I'm proud of all students for listening to both sides so well. They did an excellent job debating ideas, not people. Many were empathetic to other students' personal experiences with grading and failures. I learned so much from them today! Clink the link below to see some of the insightful comments students made today.