Day 35: Oh, just saving a kitten

This little guy was hanging around the greenhouse and garden area this morning (although some students spotted him last night as well). He was even hungry enough to eat my cafeteria breakfast sausage! It was a great coordinated effort, as the orchestra director Mrs. Wygmanns went home to get her cat carrier and was able to get him inside. I posted to the Murchison Facebook page about a found kitten and within 30 minutes there was a mom who was willing to take him in and get him ready for adoption. She picked him up at the end of the day (after eating and sleeping the rest of the day in my office) and she's already taken him to the vet, where we found out he's not microchipped. He'll be getting all the proper vaccinations soon, while he also enjoys eating well. Thank you to everyone who helped out today with our new mascot!